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If we had to be really honest about it, camping and survival are not exactly “cool” concepts to discuss for everybody. But you see, that’s not the point of prepping. Our aim in writing these guides is to make sure you live to see another day; coolness be damned. That doesn’t mean though that surviving has to be boring. Innovation, along with new technological advances, has given birth to a new awesome gear that we’d like to share with you. (h/t to

Listed in no particular order are a number of cool gear items that you may find interesting.

  1. Redefined paracord belt – No survivalist worth his salt will ever go out without a paracord belt. This tool is an essential, along with a good survival knife and duct tape. Its usefulness comes from its versatility. A couple of uses for emergency paracord include: use as a source for sutures for life-threatening wounds, as a sling or to secure a splint for injured limbs, and as a fishing net. New designs for paracord belts have made them slimmer and easier to wear. There are even new designs that glow in the dark.
  2. A mini but compact survival kit – Survival kits can be bulky. This becomes a burden when you’re in an emergency situation. Lugging around extra weight is not ideal, especially if you’re injured. Some companies have designed new survival kits that come in neat little metal tubes that take little space. Inside these tubes are various compartments that house fishing gear, a fire start, a wire hand saw, and water purification tablets.
  3. Inflatable and waterproof solar lanterns – We love this one because it’s not only useful but helpful for the environment. It’s hard to find a good (and cool-looking) lamp alternative that can withstand harsh weather. There are now solar lanterns that are both inflatable and waterproof.
  4. Hammock and tarp combo – In crisis situations, it’s advisable to stay off the ground. That usually means being uncomfortable on a tree or high-rise area. There are now hammock and tarp combos that make “roughing” it a little bit easier. As the name suggests, the hammock is fitted with a tarp on top that protects you from outside forces while you lay snug inside.
  5. Portable solar cooker – Another eco-friendly item that is gaining popularity these days, these tools are still relatively expensive (be prepared to shell out around $300 for these babies) but they are durable and prove to be useful in situations where you can’t find an electrical outlet.
  6. Folding hand saw – Admittedly, we were wary of this one. It’s always ideal to have tools (especially ones that you use to cut or hack) sharp and not easily broken, which foldables have become notorious for. However, new designs have been released and we’re impressed with how well they cut and how durable they now are.
  7. Personal locator beacon – Your priority during an emergency situation is to find help. You have to let people know where you are. This can be done in various ways; wearing bright colors, sending smoke signals, etc. New devices can do just that. These slightly bulky tools can be attached to your person and let a third party know just where you are.
  8. Waterproof socks – Not really new, but enhanced. Clothing manufacturers have made their socks even more durable and effective.
  9. Knife to spear – Okay. This is not practical and it doesn’t work as well in real life as it claims to do, but this is seriously cool. As you can guess, this is a tool that can become a spear by screwing a large stick into the handle of the knife.

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