It’s not over yet: 15 Scary things that could happen after SHTF

In the event of a large-scale disaster, there are a number of scary scenarios that even preppers might not be able to anticipate. If you survive the initial disaster, here are 15 things that you should be prepared for after SHTF. (h/t to

Damaged power lines

The only thing worse than the lack of electricity is the presence of dangerous electricity in the form of damaged but live power lines. If you go anywhere near these, you stand a chance of being electrocuted. Take caution and avoid these power lines if you see them.

No refrigeration

Without electricity, the food in your fridge won’t stay fresh for very long. To prepare for this scenario, it’s important not to keep all your eggs in one basket, or in this case, one refrigerator. Try to learn how to preserve certain food items even without the need for refrigeration. That way, you will have an emergency food supply even if you can’t keep your food cold. (Related: 5 Ways to Preserve Food Without Refrigeration.)

Overrun bug out location

Maybe you’re not too worried if society collapses and SHTF. You have a nice cabin in the woods that can serve as your bug out location as you wait out the turmoil until society rebuilds itself. You head out to your safe house. It’s in a remote enough location, so no one should find it easily. What you don’t consider is that other people might have the same idea. They might even follow you to your safe house. Horror of horrors, when you finally reach your destination, someone else is already there. Your bug out location has been overrun. You might rightfully own the property, but desperate people might not respect that and claim your bug out location as their own.

Lost in the woods

This is another scenario that could happen as you’re trying to find your bug out location. Perhaps you’ve hidden it too well or the location is too remote. Your rations are dwindling and you feel you might have been walking around in circles, following a faulty compass. To avoid this situation, learn the path to your safe house as though it were the back of your hand.

Stuck in gridlock

Getting out of the city through major roadways is a terrible idea after SHTF. A lot of other people will probably have the same idea. A parade of stalled vehicles might stretch on for miles. If you’re trying to reach your bug out location, go on foot if you have to.

Looters and thieves

Desperate people will do anything to survive, even steal your own well-stocked supplies. Try to make yourself less of a target and avoid signaling to other people that you have plenty of food and medicines, unless you are willing to share and have more than enough supplies.

Weather damage

Looters and thieves aren’t the only things you have to worry about when it comes to keeping your supplies safe. If you don’t keep your food in a dry, cool place, it can easily go bad from exposure to moisture. A leaky roof can quickly make all your efforts go to waste.


With limited access to drinking water, you might not last very long. Be sure to learn different methods of water acquisition and purification.

Lead poisoning

This is also related to proper water acquisition and purification. Make sure your drinking water does not come into contact with any lead pipes.

Heavy floods

After a major hurricane, you can expect to be surrounded by a lot of water that won’t go anywhere for a while. This can leave you stranded. The water might even be full of bacteria. Prepare to bug in if you have to.


Even your first aid kit can’t help you now. You need medication or qualified medical assistance. Stock up on medication while you can.

No heating systems

Winter has come and the power is out. The lack of a functional heater can be a death sentence. Keep a stove close at hand and stockpile plenty of wood.

No cooling systems

The opposite is also true for severely hot weather. Stay under the shade and remain hydrated at all times.

Separation from loved ones

One of the worst things that can happen is being separated from your family. Be sure to coordinate a meet up point where all of you can go to if any of you ever get lost in a crowd.

Giving in to despair

It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the chaos surrounding you. The most important asset you can have when SHTF is a positive attitude.

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