15 Smart ideas for using cinder blocks for your homestead

If you’re considering what kind of building material to use for your homestead, consider the versatile cinder block. Cinder blocks are a concrete masonry unit (CMU) that look like large, rectangular bricks. These CMUs are used in construction, but if you have cinder blocks left over, you can use them to build different things.

Cinder blocks are ideal for outdoor and indoor homestead projects because they are relatively light, sturdy, and are very easy to maintain. (h/t to BioPrepper.com.)

(1) BBQ rotisserie pit

Instead of buying a rotisserie for hundreds of dollars, make your own for only $250 or less.

(2) Bench

This bench must be built next to your house wall, which will act like a backrest. Add some pillows or cushioning to make it more comfortable.

(3) Block fire pit

Before you start this project, review the laws and regulations in your county or city about building fire pits. In some counties, you may need to get a permit or pay a small fee before you can start building.

Decide where you’re going to place the fire pit. Make sure the location is far away from your house, any plants, firewood, or other flammable materials. If possible, place it somewhere near a water hose (in case of fire emergencies).

You’ll need at least 24 fire-resistant cinder block caps, about two bags of lava rock, and one bag of mortar. The estimated building cost for this project is less than $50.

(4) Ground fire pit

This is another project that may require a permit, so check with local building codes.

Make your own ground fire pit with some digging and several cinder blocks. Start off with a temporary ground fire pit. If you like the location, convert it into a permanent structure with some mortar.

Don’t build the pit near your home, flammable structures like a garage, or overhanging trees. You can build the ground fire pit directly on the ground and keep the flames in check with the cinder blocks. Remove about five to 10 inches of soil and put the first row of cinder blocks below the ground to make the structure more stable.

(5) Indoor furniture

You can build any kind of furniture indoors using cinder blocks. You can make a bookshelf, an entertainment center, and a sofa bed, among other projects.

If you want an easy indoor project, start with a simple cinder block bookshelf. Just stack some cinder blocks and place two wood planks on top of them to make a bookshelf.

(6) Kindling stacker 

This kindling stacker will come in handy if you’re building a fire pit. You only need two cinder blocks and some 2×4s. Insert the lumber vertically until you form a V-shape that you can use to stack kindling on.

(7) Outdoor cinder block bench 

This project can be finished in under 30 minutes and only requires a handful of tools.

A cinder block bench is sturdy and weatherproof. While this project requires some heavy lifting, constructing the bench itself is a piece of cake. You can leave the bench as is, or you can apply several coats of paint. This will only cost about $30.

(8) Outdoor fireplace

This project will require some cinder blocks and some lifting. Watch the video below for tips to start building your own fireplace.

(9) Portable fireplace 

When SHTF, you can build a portable fireplace using cinder blocks. Make sure to leave enough space for the kindling and the grilling section. Since the fireplace isn’t cemented together, you can move it around if you have to. (Related: Do you have a homestead? Here are 20 reasons why you should have one.)

(10) Raised bed garden

Set up a raised bed garden on your homestead using some cinder blocks and dirt or potting soil. Simply arrange the cinder blocks in a rectangular shape, then fill it with dirt.

(11) Rocket stove chimney 

Cinder blocks can also be used to build a five-block rocket stove chimney. Watch the video guide below for more details.

(12) Root cellar shelving

This project doesn’t require a drill, glue, or nails and your designs and size options are endless. All you’ll need is several cinder blocks and as many wooden planks as your plan requires.

(13) Smoker/meat smoking device

Build this smoker if you’d like to start cooking and smoking your own meat. Using cinder blocks to build one can help you save as much as $70.

(14) Stairs

If an area outside your homestead requires a sturdy flight of stairs, make one out of some cinder blocks.

(15) Swimming pool

This is another project that’s easy to customize. But if you want to build a pool, you need to be ready to do some digging.

Try out some of these projects today to make some affordable and useful additions to your homestead.

You can read more articles about the survival uses for cinder blocks and other versatile building materials at Homesteading.news.

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