A guide to bugging out in Oakland, the largest city in the East Bay

Preppers who live in Oakland, California might find the biggest, most heavily populated city on the East Bay to be a particular challenge to bug out of. An article in Preppers Will recommended securing the right bug-out vehicle, a safe destination, and planning several alternative routes in case your primary path is blocked by gridlock and/or destroyed infrastructure.

Get the right vehicle for bugging out of Oakland

Given the size of Oakland, you are going to need a ride out of the city. Secure a bug-out vehicle that is big enough to hold everyone you are planning to take with you, such as the members of your family.

Your escape vehicle needs to be 4WD or AWD so that you can take it off the road when you need it. Make sure it is loaded with three days worth of supplies and essentials for everyone.

If your bug-out shelter is a long ways off from your home, you will need to make specific preparations. One consideration is ensuring your vehicle can get you to that destination.

You will need enough fuel to get your bug-out vehicle to its destination. Take note of the gas stations along the routes in case you need to refill the gas tank.

You will also require the right tools and spare parts to repair anything that breaks down. Bring spares for the tires, fan-belt, and other parts that the vehicle needs to keep running. (Related: Your Bug Out Bag Essentials.)

Select a hidden and safe destination

As mentioned above, you must set a destination for your bug-out plan. This place is intended to ensure your safety from the disaster that befalls Oakland. Furthermore, having a clear end goal in mind will also help you maintain your focus during the bug-out trip.

Your destination should be within reach of your bug-out vehicle. The recommended maximum distance is one hundred miles from Oakland.

Look for a location that is well outside the city limits and far from heavily urbanized areas. This place needs to be hidden and difficult for other people to locate.

The best candidates are a small town or an isolated area. A town continues to rely on local infrastructure for its needs, while the latter is generally capable of producing everything it needs.

One good location for your survival retreat is the house of a friend or a relative that is situated far away from the city. Secure their permission first before building your plan around their home as your bug-out destination.

Memorize multiple routes to your bug-out destination

Once you have a ride and a destination, you will need to chart out your path. Come up with at least three routes that can get you to your bug-out shelter.

Each route must be connected to the others at several points. This will let you switch from one route to another with ease in case you need to avoid danger or obstacles ahead of you.

Avoid going through potential choke-points. These are areas that are prone to getting clogged up by heavy traffic or cordoned by the police or military during disasters.

Once you catch wind of a disaster, bug out as soon as possible. Do not wait to get caught in a snarl of heavy traffic.

Now that you have these three requirements, work on a proper bug-out plan and timeline. Use your location, companions, obstacles, resources, and other concerns to prepare your plan.

Enlist the aid of everyone who will accompany you during the evacuation. Whenever you can, simulate the bug-out plan. This lets you discover and fix any problems in the plan.

You can find more guides and tips on preparing for emergencies at BugOut.news.

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