Keeping your hands warm while playing this winter: 12 thermal gloves to consider

While you can layer your clothes to stay warm during winter, you also need to make sure that your fingers are protected from the cold. This list of 12 well-made thermal gloves can help keep your hands warm whether you’re trying to do some errands, going out for a bracing jog, or commuting to work during winter.

  1. Black Diamond Legend Gloves (Men’s) – These gloves have a goatskin leather shell for “extra durability.” The strategically placed insulation is thicker on the back of the hand for additional warmth and thinner on the palm and fingers for dexterity.
  2. Burton GORE-TEX Under Gloves (Women’s) – These gloves come with “Thermacore insulation, a GORE-TEX inner membrane, and Burton’s DRYRIDE Durashell outer layer” to keep your digits warm.
  3. Canada Goose Lightweight Gloves (Women’s) – The elastic cuffs make these gloves easy to wear and the down fill will keep your hands warm. The gloves are also touchscreen-compatible.
  4. Columbia Thermarator Gloves (Women’s) – This pair of women’s gloves has a fleece outer layer and features the company’s patented Omni-Heat thermal reflective inside. (Related: Five Ways to “Winterize” and Protect Your Skin.)
  5. Helly Hansen VOR Gloves (Unisex) – This pair of high-quality gloves is made of goatskin leather. It has a sock cuff and wrist cinch strap for a tight fit, a microfleece interior lining that is soft on your hands, and a classic design that makes them great for all-day use.
  6. Hestra Winter Tour Gloves (Unisex) – These gloves are suitable for any winter activity. With a soft fleece backing and internal lining with a leather palm, these gloves are “warm, soft, and grippy.” They’re not bulky and restrictive, and they can be worn while shoveling snow or cross-country skiing.
  7. Gordini Paramount Gloves (Women’s) – The sheepskin outer shell and knit cuff of the gloves are comfortable, and they come with PrimaLoft insulation for guaranteed warmth. The wicking liner will keep your hands dry if they get clammy.
  8. Mechanix Wear Material 4X Gloves (Women’s) – These gloves are made with TrekDry technology that help your hands stay cool and prevent sweating. They can also withstand damage sustained from outdoor labor.
  9. Nike Solid Element Thermal 2.0 Gloves (Men’s) – This pair of Nike gloves is great for outdoor workouts like running or cross-training at night. The reflective details on the gloves can help you stay safe while you’re outdoors, and the conductive material allows you to use your gadgets without having to remove the gloves.
  10. The North Face Denali Etip Gloves (Men’s) – Choose this pair if you need gloves for daily use; it has the right thickness, and it is a medium-weight high-loft fleece. They’re not too thin like running gloves, but they’re not too bulky like heavy mittens either. The gloves come with a touchscreen-compatible index finger. All five fingers and the palm have conductive technology so you can still use your smartphone.
  11. REI Windbloc Fleece Gloves (Unisex) – The Polartec Windbloc fleece construction of these gloves can protect your hands from harsh winds. The synthetic material on the palm “improves grip and increases durability.” The gloves are also smartphone-compatible so it’s easy to access your device at all times.
  12. Salomon Propeller GTX Gloves (Men’s) – These gloves have a longer silhouette and weatherproof GORE-TEX fabric so your hands will stay dry. They also come with an elastic leash to they’re easier to keep track of.

Three features to consider before you buy winter work gloves

Before you purchase any of the gloves listed above, review the tips below so you can choose a pair of winter work gloves that will suit your needs:

  • Lining or liner – Lining or a liner will keep your hands warm and dry.
    • Water-repellent gloves with insulating liner – for “wet and slushy conditions”
    • Moisture-wicking glove liner – for drier climates/keeping sweaty hands dry
  • Water-repellent gloves – This ensures that your hands are dry despite “wind, rain, sleet, and snow.”
  • Designed for maximum dexterity – Suitable for outdoor work, this feature allows a good range of motion.

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