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A popular liberal talking point with regard the Second Amendment suggests that ordinary Americans simply don’t need “assault”-capacity firearms like the AR-15 that the mainstream media claims has been used in multiple mass shootings over the years (though there’s still a shocking lack of evidence to prove this, in some cases).

But as explained by former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino during a recent interview with NRATV‘s Grant Stinchfield, this contention amounts to little more than leftist, anti-gun fake news.

Watch below as Bongino and Stinchfield watch a clip together of CNN talking heads trying to make the case that the AR-15 has no place in modern American society – even going so far as to talk down a woman on a gun discussion panel who’s seen stating that the AR-15 is much easier for her to use compared to a traditional shotgun.

“First off, the whole idea of the shotgun as the best home defense gun is a misnomer,” comments Stinchfield during the segment on NRATV. “The best home defense gun is the gun the homeowner feels the most comfortable using. An AR-15 is a great gun.”

Bongino echoes this point, revealing what he personally knows about the ease with which the AR-15 can be handled by almost anyone.

“The AR has a very light kick,” Bongino says. “It’s easy to fire. It’s easy to stay on target. It’s easy to maintain that front sight integrity.”

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Liberals know nothing about firearms, and it shows

As the two watch the CNN clip together, they become visibly unnerved by the level of ignorance displayed. The leftist morons at CNN clearly think that they know everything there is to know about modern weaponry when, in fact, they know next to nothing.

“I’ve actually trained with these platforms,” Bongino states, laughing and shaking his head at the sheer stupidity of the CNN panel participants who try to argue that nobody needs anything more than a shotgun, and that AR-15s should essentially be banned.

“The AR-15 is not one gun,” he adds. “It describes right now, at least … a number of platforms. This guy clearly doesn’t understand that.”

As the woman on the CNN panel tried to explain how the AR-15 works best for her needs, she was talked over by multiple others who were insistent that there’s no legitimate use or need for an AR-15 within the sphere of general civilian use.

“The woman who’s speaking is absolutely right, Grant,” Bongino explains.

“The shotgun is a terrific home defense weapon – for some. In my humble opinion, that new Kel-Tech shotgun they have out is the best home defense weapon I think I’ve ever seen. But it’s not for everyone.”

“It’s got a tremendous amount of ‘giddy up’ on it, and you can lose the front sight integrity. If you’re not a bigger person with strong upper body musculature, it may be hard for you to maintain that target discrimination. But this guy doesn’t understand that at all, and he should have shut his mouth for a minute.”

The moral of the story is that it’s up to individual American citizens to decide which firearms work best for them, not the leftist “gun experts” over at CNN. That’s the whole point of the Second Amendment, after all, and the reason why our Founding Fathers enshrined the right to bear arms as one of the innumerable rights protected by the United States Constitution.

“The AR-15 for a good number of people is a fantastic self-defense weapon,” declares Bongino.

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