From essential oils to powerful teas, here are natural remedies that effectively fight the flu

No one wants to get sick, even if the disease is “merely” influenza. Fortunately, preppers can access many natural ways to treat flu and alleviate the symptoms of the ailment.

Essential oils are a rich source of natural healing properties. Every prepper should stock a standard supply of these oils for treating all kinds of illness. The essential oils can be turned into various medicinal recipes, such as diffuses, salves, and shower bombs.

Herbal teas are delicious and effective ways to fend off flu. They can be made from natural ingredients like coconut oil and elderberry, and are safe to drink even during times of good health.

Elderberry, in particular, supports the immune system against diseases like influenza. In addition to the aforementioned tea, it can also be turned into a syrup that can be taken as an herbal remedy or used as a baking ingredient for making pancakes and pastries.

Another recipe combines dried mullein leaf, licorice root, and marshmallow root into an herbal tea. It should be drunk two or three times a day by people suffering from bronchitis, colds, flu, pneumonia, respiratory infections, and sore throats. (Related: Elderberries are more effective than vaccines at protecting you against colds and flu.)

Fighting flu without medications

In addition to taking home remedies, there are ways to reduce the symptoms of flu and speed up the recovery process that do not require any medication. If a prepper came down with the flu while not having access to a stockpile, he or she should resort to these tried-and-tested recovery methods.

Drink as much fluid as you can. If a patient cannot drink large amounts of water due to nausea, he or she should try to sip every now and then.

Get plenty of rest and sleep. The body expends a lot of energy to fight the flu infection. Avoid actions that will waste energy.

Nasal congestion and headaches can be alleviated through two ways. Boil some water and inhale the hot steam carefully. Warm compresses can also be applied to the sinus.

In the morning, add salt to warm water and gargle it. The gargling mixture will dislodge the thick mucus that has accumulated in the rear of the throat.

Inflamed nasal passages can be alleviated with the use of a neti pot. This requires a sterile saline solution for best results. If a prepper cannot ensure the sterility of the solution, he or she should stick to the other methods.

Prevention is the best medicine for flu

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to fight the flu is to avoid the disease in the first place.

Always wash your hands with soap, take your time, and do it often to reduce the chances of contamination by flu viruses. If you cannot wash, use a hand sanitizer.

Keep your home clean as well. That includes your linens, sheets, towels, and especially your toothbrush, which you should disinfect often and replace every three or four months.

Boost your immune system by increasing the amounts of fluids, electrolytes, vitamin C and vitamin D, and omega 3 supplements you consume. Also take probiotic supplements like Acidophilus, which are good bacteria that live in the gut.

Use a humidifier to raise the humidity in your home. Flu viruses move easier in a dry environment.

Eat lighter meals with natural foods that are easy to digest. Include as much garlic and oregano as you can get away with. Get regular sessions of moderate physical exercise.

Finally, avoid crowded places, including and especially the hospital, more so when there is a flu epidemic.

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