Superfoods for preppers: Here are 8 reasons to keep rolled oats in your survival stockpile

Your survival stockpile shouldn’t be filled with just any random food items you buy on a whim at your grocery store. There are certain factors that must first be taken into consideration. You must then plan your survival food supply according to these factors. They must have a long shelf life and store well, even without refrigeration. They must be something you can eat directly even without cooking. Finally, they should be able to provide the optimal amount of nutrition in relation to their volume. Rolled oats are superfoods that just happen to meet these qualifications. Here are eight reasons why rolled oats should be part of your survival cache. (h/t to

Rolled oats are shelf stable

As long as your rolled oats remain dry, they won’t spoil, even in hot or cold temperatures. They also have a very long shelf life. Properly stored rolled oats can last for years, making them an ideal survival food.

Rolled oats are an inexpensive food

Rolled oats can be bought in bulk at a low cost. You can get as much as 10 pounds of rolled oats for around 22 dollars, if you know where to shop. Rolled oats are one of the cheapest food items for long-term storage that you can get in five-gallon buckets. (Related: What are the best foods to stockpile for emergencies?)

Rolled oats are easy to cook

Rolled oats are incredibly easy to prepare. All you have to do is add hot water and a little flavoring, and you have a ready-to-eat meal in minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything to cook your oats with. In a worst case scenario, you can still directly eat your rolled oats raw.

Rolled oats don’t contain gluten

Many people suffer from gluten sensitivity, which makes it hard for them to find a suitable survival food during emergencies. Fortunately, rolled oats are a naturally gluten-free food. If you have a gluten sensitivity, you won’t have to worry about eating rolled oats for an extended period of time. As much as possible, try to get a brand of rolled oats that has undergone as little processing or chemical manipulation as possible.

Rolled oats have an impressive nutritional profile

Rolled oats are a rich source of fiber, protein, and minerals. You can get plenty of thiamine and manganese when you eat rolled oats.

Rolled oats are versatile food items

There are a lot of things you can do with rolled oats. One of the most basic cooking ideas is oatmeal. You can also grind them into flour or make “overnight oats” by mixing oats with water and other ingredients, and leaving the mixture in a jar in your refrigerator overnight.

Rolled oats can keep you full for longer

Because rolled oats are full of fiber, as well as complex carbohydrates, they are absorbed and digested in your stomach very slowly. This makes you feel full for a much longer time, which can help curb your appetite.

Rolled oats add variety to your baked goods

Aside from making your baked goods using rolled oat flour, raw rolled oats can add a unique texture and flavor to your baked goods. You can use rolled oats for nearly all your baking needs. Add them to your breads, muffins, cookies, and all your other favorite recipes.

When it comes to long-term food storage, you can’t go wrong with rolled oats. This superfood deserves a place in your survival stockpile.

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